How to Insure your Campervan

How to Insure your Campervan?

If you and your family have been considering a road trip then third party liability may not be the best option for you.

When considering how to insure your camper van you should know that this type of cover will not protect any of your personal belongings you have carried along on your trip.

If you have things such as electronics, designer clothing or other valuable items that you will be bringing on your trip them you may want to think about getting cover that is more comprehensive and guards you against many more things.



How to Insure your Campervan

Fully Comprehensive Cover for Your Campervan

With a fully comprehensive policy there are many perks. For instance this type of cover not only covers the items you have in your campervan but it also covers the entire cost of your campervan in the event there is a total loss.

Fully comprehensive protects against fire, vandalism, theft, accidental damage and many other things third party liability does not cover.

In most cases you must be over 21 in order to get this type of cover and in many cases you must be over 21 to get any type of vehicle insurance. This will depend on several factors and on the type of vehicle being covered.

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Methods of Lowering Your Premium

Unfortunately, campervan insurance, especially fully comprehensive cover can be quite costly. The good news is that there are a few things you may be able to do in order to lower the amount of money you pay each month.

Among one of the most common ways to lower your premium is to install some type on antitheft device. The more security devices you have installed on your camper van, the more discounts you may be entitled to on your campervan insurance policy.

Having a tracking device is also an excellent idea. In addition, safely driving for a long period of time will automatically lower your premium with each passing year. If you are going to be travelling throughout the country of Europe then you will want to make absolutely sure your policy includes what is called green card cover. Ask your agent about this cover.

Having Just Third Party Liability

By law the only thing you are required to carry in the UK is third party liability. However, as mentioned earlier this type of cover will only protect the other motorists on the road. It will lend no cover for your vehicle or any of your personal belongings. If you have a campervan you are not particularly concerned with and can afford to lose, then this may be just fine. Conversely, if you have a rather expensive investment then you would be intelligent to make sure you have proper cover. Keep in mind that you cannot normally receive any type of cover if you are planning on residing in your campervan or using it as a business location.

Alternative Accommodation Cover

Another great aspect of having a fully comprehensive policy is that unlike car insurance, campervan insurance policies usually come with cover to allow you alternate accommodations in the event the vehicle should be disabled for some reason. Of course this can cover breakdowns as well as accidents depending on the amount of cover you purchase and the type of policy you have. It is true that this type of policy will cost you more but imagine the peace of mind in knowing that your family will not be stuck at the roadside should an accident occur.

Campervan insurance is a very important asset as it allows you to travel in a mobile house of sorts without having to worry about whether or not your belongings or your family will be taken care of if there is a crash. In addition, it is clear that a large vehicle could do significant damage to another car. Being prepared for anything that comes along is quite smart.

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