How to Insure Against Death

How to Insure Against Death?

Most often when we think about how to insure against death we think of life insurance cover. Whilst these are good options, whether we choose level term life insurance or whole of life insurance, there is another option available that in many cases is even cheaper to purchase. Sometimes for less than £5 per month you can also get accidental death insurance with a policy face value up to £75,000.

It actually pays to carry both life insurance and accidental death insurance if you have a family to consider. For such a small price, having both policies provides added peace of mind.

The Difference between Life and Accidental Death Insurance

Of course the main difference in the two types of policies is that accidental death insurance only covers your passing as a result of an accident. Life insurance, on the other hand, covers your death from other causes such as critical illness and other reasons which may be excluded on accidental death policies.

One such exclusion might be death as an act of war. Many accidental death insurance policies do have this exclusion whereas life insurance policies may indeed cover dying as a result of war. Another main difference is cost. Life insurance policies are generally much more expensive simply because of the broader range of cover.

How to Insure Against Death

Typical Exclusions on Accidental Death Insurance Policies

If you look at a typical accidental death insurance policy you will find that most exclude death in a country which is in a state of war, whether war has been declared or not.

There will be some variations in exclusions but typically accidental death insurance policies exclude:


  • Dying as a result of flying unless you are a paying passenger
  • Dying as the result of committing an illegal act
  • Deliberate and reckless self-exposure to danger
  • As the result of taking drugs – legal and illegal drug use
  • Operating a motor vehicle with alcohol levels over legal limits
  • Dying by your own hand (suicide)

And of course as mentioned above, dying as the result of illness or disease would be excluded because that would not be considered accidental death.

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What to Look for in Accidental Death Insurance

It is vital to know what is covered when choosing an accidental death insurance policy. Some companies have significantly lower death benefits for children than for adults. This is reasonable since children aren’t the wage earners in families. However, other companies pay only a portion of the face value for death as the result of such things as motorcycle accidents. Some hazardous activities are covered by some companies but not by all underwriters so make sure to check this out if you often jet ski, for example.

Look to see that rates will not change as you age and also when and to whom the benefits can be paid. Finally, you will want to determine what age groups are covered. Typically accidental death insurance policies are only written for those between the ages of 18 and 69. Don’t forget to read the small print before purchasing a policy and also take the time to compare rates between several companies if possible. Look for the best and broadest cover for the lowest premiums.

Whether or not you have a life insurance policy in place it still pays to carry accidental death insurance. Ask yourself how to insure against death so that your loved ones are well cared for on your passing. Most of the time you will find that having both life insurance and accidental death insurance provides the best cover. Accidental death insurance is cheap enough to carry so it truly pays to have both. Take the time to check it out.

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