How to Insure your Cat

How to Insure your Cat?

There is no rhyme or reason to the old wives’ tale that a cat has nine lives as we all know this is just not true. Our beloved little furry friend that arches his or her back begging for a quick pet or a grateful purr when we oblige is too important to leave uncovered by cat insurance.

Acting Responsibly as a Cat Owner

If your child suddenly became ill you would want to have adequate cover to see the best doctor possible for what ails your child and to many of us, our cats are no less important. They are indeed cherished members of the family and it is up to their humans to make sure they have the best medical cover possible. A responsible cat owner will take the time to find cat insurance to provide veterinary fees in the event of accidents, injuries or illnesses.

Ensuring That Curiosity Doesn’t Kill the Cat

Yes, your cat is curious and will investigate anything that strikes his or her fancy. Coupled with the fact that our feline friends are amongst the most agile creatures on earth with the ability to jump great heights, your cat is more prone to injury than you might believe.

As a result of these amazing abilities, many cats suffer broken bones and joints. Adequate cat cover can assure the best possible care if your cat should suddenly become a little to curious for its own good.

How to Insure your Cat

Common Feline Medical Conditions

Believe it or not, cats do have common medical conditions just like we humans do. In fact, every species on earth does have its share of diseases and illnesses that are common to that species and some that would be common amongst cats include hormone disorders, heart disorders and many cats are prone to digestive disorders as well.

Many feline medical conditions are only found upon a well-cat visit to the vet and good cat insurance would cover both the annual check-up and treatment for common feline medical conditions if and when they are found.

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Factors Which Can Affect Cost of Cat Insurance - Age

There are actually only two factors which can have a significant impact on what you are likely to pay for cat insurance.

The first thing to think about is the age of your cat. Most insurance companies will only provide insurance for cats that are less than 9 years old, and some insurance companies cut off insurance at the age of 8. Unless you already have existing insurance on your cat before he/she reaches the cut-off age, you may be hard-pressed to find cat insurance and if you can get your insurance company to extend a current policy, it is likely to be extremely expensive.

Factors Which Can Affect Cost of Cat Insurance – Pedigree

Whilst most of us have what is commonly referred to as a domestic house cat, whether it is an indoor or outdoor cat, it is broadly categorised as a house cat or a domestic cat. However, there are exotic pedigree cats such as angora or Siamese cats which are extremely expensive to purchase and equally expensive to insure. Even so, the cost of insuring your cat is not as great as the risk posed by not carrying insurance.

Your cat, pedigree or common domestic, is worth the cost of insurance simply because it is a member of your family.

Would you refuse to insure your own or your family’s health because it is expensive? Certainly not!

In any case, usually the cost of cat insurance is quite reasonable and it is easy to ‘bargain shop’ by comparing rates online. Don’t forget to look at exactly what each policy covers and also which exclusions will be listed such as pre-existing conditions and ages or breeds. The costs of veterinary care have become sky-high but cat insurance remains affordable. Take the time to find adequate cover for your feline friend. You’ll be glad you did.

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