How to Insure your Dog

How to Insure your Dog?

Anyone who has a dog can easily tell you why they say a dog is a man’s best friend. They are loyal and lovable and can sense your every emotion. When you are sad or ill, they are right there by your side.

When you are happy and playful, your dog will be the first to romp and fetch. Wouldn’t it be nice to have it in your power to be as lovable and loyal as your dog is to you? Actually, you do and it all starts with finding the best and most affordable dog insurance you can buy.

Common Levels of Dog Insurance

Actually, there is no one type of dog insurance out there. You will find varying levels of cover from basic accident, illness and injury to policies that provide for well-doggie visits, vaccinations, boarding, trip cancellation and all other odd types of cover you wouldn’t expect to find on a dog insurance policy.

The important thing to keep in mind is that you take a good long look at what is available and then assess the tpes of cover you are most apt to need based on the age and wellness of your dog.

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The Cost of Dog Insurance

There are several factors which can affect the cost of dog insurance and two of the most common are the age of your dog and the breed of your canine friend.

Most insurance providers will not write new policies for dogs over the age of eight and if you have an existing policy, your insurance company might be willing to extend it one more year but you will be paying a much higher cost due to the risk the insurer will be taking on. While each company charges according to their own rates, it is possible to get an insurance policy for as little as £60 to £70 per year on a young healthy dog whilst an older dog approaching policy limits might cost as much as £25 per year.

How to Insure your Dog

Weighing the Cost of Dog Insurance

If you had to weight the cost of paying for dog insurance against having no cover, you would see that the price you pay is little indeed in comparison to the benefits you receive. For example, a simple broken leg can cost over £1,000 to have set and made right again whilst surgery after an accident or due to an illness can cost many thousands of pounds.

Most policies reviewed carry an annual limit of anywhere from £6,000 to £7,500 which is reasonable considering what veterinary charges are at the moment and the cost of an average surgery or in-patient stay at the vet. It would be difficult to come up with that kind of cash so the advantage of having dog insurance could be the difference between life and death for your best friend.

Most dog insurance policies are set up quite closely to human medical insurance in that there are sometimes co-pays, annual maximums, excess and, of course, there are exclusions to be concerned with as well.

It is good to know that many dangerous breeds will not be covered and some dogs with pre-existing conditions would be excluded from cover as well.

At any rate, it is so vitally important to your dog’s continued health and well-being to have proper dog insurance and it is up to you to find a policy that suits your budget and your dog’s needs. With a little comparison shopping and some good old fashioned common sense, you can find the right cover which meets both those requirements.

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