How to Insure your Flight

How to Insure your Flight?

Trying to find the right travel insurance is always a bit of a challenge, but there are also times when you won’t want to purchase insurance for your entire trip and would only like to find flight insurance.

Many people aren’t aware that there is such a thing as flight only insurance and that you can find flight insurance quite reasonably priced. The dilemma is, do you truly only need flight only insurance or would a flight/travel insurance cover be more in keeping with your needs.

Flight Only Insurance Cover

If you do not need any type of insurance cover whilst on the ground when you reach your destination and would only like to insure the flight you are taking, flight only insurance cover is possible.

A basic flight only cover would cost around £10 or £11 for a one way trip and perhaps as much as £14 or £15 for a return trip flight only cover.

These prices do sound quite reasonable, but at some point you will need to decide if this is the only insurance you will need and if the difference in price between flight only and travel insurance is worth sacrificing other benefits.

Flight Insurance Covers Just That – the Flight

Keep in mind that flight only insurance, no matter what it covers, is only active whilst on the flight.
How to Insure your Flight

This type of insurance covers the time when the plane is loading, taking off, in flight and landing.

Anything that happens in your home country if coming to the UK or in a foreign country when departing from the UK is not covered.

Only losses associated with the flight are covered and only on the leg of your journey you have insured. As well, if you choose to make a layover in any country, understand that the layover is not covered either.

Many people fail to understand that flight insurance only covers the flight and only the leg or legs of the journey you have insured.

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What Are the Benefits of Flight Insurance?

Most often there are three main benefits to flight insurance which would be any personal accident, injury or death for the duration of the leg or legs of the flight insured. Also, flight cancellation is a common benefit as is lost, stolen or damaged luggage. These are the three main benefits which most flight only insurance policies include and of course it is important to read the small print and the exclusions to make sure that you have adequate cover. A typical cash benefit for the personal accident portion of the flight insurance cover is approximately £30,000. Some companies may offer a slightly higher or lower benefit, but that is the norm.

Flight Insurance vs. Travel Insurance

After having said all of that, sometimes you can find travel insurance that is less expensive than the cost of flight only insurance. Some travel insurance covers all the same benefits as flight only but will also cover medical and accidents on the ground whilst at your destination and will also cover such things as repatriation if there is a need to have you air lifted from a site that is suddenly politically engaged or damaged by an act of God.

There are so many additional types of cover with a travel insurance policy that you might just find it ‘cheaper’ to buy travel insurance.

Even so, if you are looking for flight only insurance you can find it online and you can do a bit of comparison shopping to find the best deal. Some companies do offer cheaper prices than the average quoted above but you will need to compare quotes side by side to see which company offers the most for the money.

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