How to Insure your Pet

How to Insure your Pet?

There is nothing like having a beloved pet as part of the family and in fact many of us do treat our pets as if they were our children. Whether you have a dog, cat, rabbit or even an exotic bird, pet insurance is a must.

Fighting the High Cost of Veterinary Medicine

The cost of veterinary visits has risen sharply in the past few years, as has the cost of human healthcare, which is why having the right pet insurance is so important. It only takes one major illness or injury to set you over the edge financially and that is a burden no pet owner should ever need to experience.

Typical Pet Insurance Cover

Most of us are familiar with health insurance and may even carry a private medical or hospital insurance policy for ourselves and our families.

Pet insurance cover actually works in much the same way. There are levels of cover which can be purchased from major illness and injury insurance to pet insurance plans which cover the cost of routine and preventative veterinary visits.

How to Insure your Pet

Routine preventative cover would pay for a well pet check-up and most vaccinations your pet is likely to need. There may be a co-pay with some policies.

In-patient Boarding (Kennelling) Fees

Many pet insurance policies also provide for boarding or kennelling your pet if in-patient overnight stays become necessary if specific conditions are met for cover. In other words, some things are excluded such as pregnancy/labour and expected in-patient stays with pre-existing illnesses. In-patient claims usually cover cost after a certain number of days in-hospital.

The typical plan usually states that after four days in-patient the plan will cover boarding but some policies are different and you would need to read the small print.

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Pet Death and Accident Insurance

Thinking about the death of your pet can be as painful as considering the passing of a family member. Unfortunately, illness and accidents take our beloved pets from us every day and this is something we should think about. Without sounding crass, this is even more important if our pet is registered or an expensive breed such as a show dog or a thoroughbred horse.

Pet Death and Accident Insurance can pay as much as the going market cost for your pet upon sudden death or accident.

Please be aware that most policies exclude domestic pets such as dogs and cats once they reach the age of eight.

Can Pet Insurance Cover Holiday Cancellation?

One of the most amazing benefits on some pet insurance policies is holiday cancellation if you need to cancel your holiday because your pet is undergoing surgery to save its life after an accident or sudden onset of an illness. Typically this is within 14 days of your trip as specified in most policies and there may be other exclusions listed as well. Most often the holiday must have been booked at least 28 days (4 weeks) prior to the emergency surgery.

The cost of veterinary medicine has skyrocketed in recent years and many of us just can’t afford to get our beloved pets the type and amount of care they truly need. Pet insurance can offset the cost of major veterinary emergencies by enough to keep us from running to the payday loan shop every time our pet gets sick. Weigh your options carefully based on the type of pet you have and, of course, the age of your pet. Affordable pet insurance is easy to find with a quick online search and something no pet owner should ever be without.

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