How to Insure your Blackberry

How to Insure your Blackberry?

Even though Blackberry mobile phones have come down on price in recent years, they are still an expensive gadget to own and one that is therefore costly to replace if lost, stolen or damaged.

Whether you have a Blackberry Bold, Curve, Javelin, Pearl, Torch or any other model Blackberry, there is an insurance cover that will help you protect your prized possession.

Blackberry Business Phone Insurance

Blackberry phones are the most commonly used business phones on the market because of their extreme versatility in features. Because of this, companies such as Supercover Insurance Ltd offer business plans for Blackberries of any model.

Consider the fact that each phone issued to an employee can cost anywhere from £200 to £600+ so that the loss of any one of those mobile phones can eat away at your bottom line.

For just £9.99 per month you can insure three phones and for just £14.99 you can insure five phones. Supercover offers plans only in three or five phone increments but considering how much it would cost to replace those Blackberry mobile phones it is a practical business expense.

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Why Purchase a Separate Blackberry Insurance Policy?

So many people feel that it isn’t necessary to carry a separate (stand alone) Blackberry insurance policy because they already have contents cover on their home, office or vehicle. Statistics show that most of the time damage or loss occurs whilst out in public or on a business trip.

How to Insure your Blackberry

Unless you leave your phone in your home or vehicle when you are not occupying them, it is not probable that theft will occur – that is of course unless you get carjacked and then you have more to worry about than your Blackberry!

But, on a serious note, the truth of the matter is, even if your phone is left in your vehicle or home when stolen most contents insurance will not cover the total replacement cost of an expensive mobile phone like a Blackberry.

What Does Blackberry Insurance Cover?

When you are looking at how to insure your Blackberry phone there are certain covers to look for. You will especially want accident and liquid damage cover so that the repairs are paid for without a lengthy battle. Also, what about a breakdown cover? This is similar to an extended warranty that covers your Blackberry for damage that happens outside the warranty provided by the manufacturer when you purchase the phone. As well, there is a cover for unauthorised calls in the event that someone uses your phone to run up high bills without your knowledge after having been stolen.

Some insurance policies cover loss as part of the policy whilst other insurance companies charge a nominal extra fee per month for loss.

Assurant Direct Ltd does charge £1 monthly for this cover but it is well worth the price when you think of just how easy it is to misplace your phone.

No matter how you look at it, having your Blackberry protected by insurance is a worthwhile investment when you consider the replacement costs involved if you had to cover it out of pocket. Individuals and firms can find excellent cover for prices which are quite reasonable and it can all be done from the comfort of your desk or easy chair. Browse online to find the best deal with the amount of cover you need and you will never need to worry about losing or damaging your Blackberry again. Just as an added piece of advice – don’t forget to sync your data to your computer because unfortunately, Blackberry insurance can’t recover lost contacts or docs stored on your phone.

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