How to Insure your iPad

How to Insure your iPad?

Having a gadget as interesting and versatile as an iPad is one of the high points in our ‘technological lives,’ except so many of us are actually afraid to carry them around for fear of breaking, damaging or outright losing them.

This is why iPad insurance is a quite popular. Unfortunately, many of us just don’t know where to look for proper cover. If you are interested in learning how to insure your iPad, you should start by looking into the various types of cover available.

Stand Alone Policies vs. Contents Cover

Although many of us have contents cover with our automobile, homeowners or rental contents insurance policies, many of those only cover specific types of loss such as theft and only if the iPad is in the house or car.

As well, many of those types of policies set low limits with a high excess. A stand alone policy written expressly for your Apple iPad covers that – your Apple iPad. You can often vary the excess by paying more or less money for the policy and the right iPad insurance policy covers your beloved gadget no matter where you are when the loss or damage occurs.

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Innovative TagBak Service

Some iPad insurance companies offer something called TagBak service which is an innovative way to try to recover your phone in the event of loss and perhaps theft. Any of the Assurant Direct Ltd affiliate companies offer this service as part of their iPad cover.

How to Insure your iPad

You will be provided with a TagBak sticker, one for each gadget you have covered that will arrive in the post when you get your policy. You simply attach the sticker to the back of your iPad and then in the event that it is lost, the person finding it is offered a confidential reward for returning it.

This service usually costs a little over a pound a month but Assurant Direct adds this cover at no additional cost with most of their Apple iPad policies.

What to Look for in Apple iPad Insurance Cover

An iPad is by no stretch of the imagination a cheap gadget so you will want it protected against damage or loss no matter where you are. Look for worldwide cover so that if you happen to lose it or have it stolen in Brazil or Nigeria, your iPad is covered. You will also want to deal with an insurance provider that responds quickly as it is not easy going without your mobile social networking or videos. Also, make sure your policy covers accidental damage and especially liquid damage. You would not believe how easy it is to drop your phone in a pool or other ‘tub’ of water. But most importantly, as mentioned, look for speedy claim resolution.

Some companies provide a multi-cover discount for carrying insurance on more than one gadget.

If you are looking for the best price available, you may want to check into a gadget policy that covers mobile phones, laptops, iPads, iPods, iPhones and other mobile gadgets all under one policy. Even so, by taking the time to shop around you will find that iPad insurance is not as expensive as you might think and it is worth every last pence you pay for it. Don’t run the risk of losing your mobile entertainment and networking gadget when it is so easy to get replacement cover. It only takes a few minutes to search around for the best policy – don’t wait until it is too late.

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