How to Insure your iPhone

How to Insure your iPhone?

Within the past few years, Apple’s line of iPhones have been all the rage amongst people of all ages even though these amazing smartphones come with a price tag to match all those features.

Although many cell phone owners don’t want to make the investment of insuring an average mobile phone, we are finding that a good percentage of iPhone owners are looking for affordable insurance cover.

Why is the Policy Excess So High?

Unfortunately, most policies have set a high excess which somehow doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense. Why pay for an insurance policy when the excess is almost as high as the phone itself?

If you are looking at how to insure your iPhone at a cost that is reasonable, there are some things you might want to look for.

The amount of excess you would be required to pay in the event of loss, theft or damage should be first on your list.

Bear in mind that you can find iPhone insurance cover where you set the excess higher or lower with the amount you are willing to spend for a policy.

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What Drives the Cost of iPhone Insurance?

For a while it appeared as though the availability of the new iPhone4 was driving the cost of iPhone insurance up. Whenever a new model hits the market with updated state-of-the-art electronics and cutting edge software and applications, everyone wants one.

How to Insure your iPhone

In fact, in some people the ‘need’ is just too great and if they can’t find one honestly they are not above stealing one.

However, even with readily available iPhones, the insurance is many times quite high in proportion to availability and the number of reported thefts.

A typical policy can cost as much as £15 a month which is quite high when you consider that the excess can be hundreds of pounds.

The good news is that there are iPhone insurance providers that carry insurance for half that amount.

Various Types of iPhone Insurance Cover

While some iPhone owners believe their smartphone is covered under a contents policy on their home or automobile, they have found out the hard way that there is very little cover most of the time. When reading the stipulations on a contents policy, it is important to see what the cap is on given articles. Some contents policies cover an amount up to what the ‘average’ mobile phone costs and that is often in the £200 range. Newer iPhones are more than triple that amount. As well, those policies don’t cover the phone while you are out of your home or automobile.

To have the best cover it is essential to purchase a policy that covers your phone with the smallest amount of excess no matter where you are or how the loss occurs.

When you have a small fortune invested in your iPhone and are looking for the best iPhone insurance cover, it is important to look at just how much will be covered and under what circumstances. Look for a policy that covers not only total loss but also accidental damage and even fraudulent call protection. Some companies even offer to settle claims in as short a time as 24 to 48 hours. Take your time and compare several iPhone insurance providers and then look at the insurance options they each offer. With a little comparison shopping you can have a big policy for a reasonable price.

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