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How to Insure your iPod Touch

How to Insure your iPod Touch?

Although iPods have been around awhile now, every time a new model comes out with updated and innovative new features, the cost goes up accordingly. One of the latest models which has taken the UK by storm is the iPod Touch.

At the moment they can cost anywhere from just under £200 to over £400, depending on the amount of internal memory as well as where you purchase your gadget. When looking at how to insure your iPod touch, the first question most people ask is “How much will this insurance cost?”

Basic iPod Touch Insurance Policy

There probably isn’t a type of insurance that doesn’t have a basic policy cover as well as one or more options which come at an additional cost.

A basic policy for an iPod Touch generally covers theft, accident or liquid damage and breakdown. Loss cover is typically an option which comes at an extra charge monthly, but that cost isn’t usually very much, often as little as about £1 over the basic policy cost.

How to Insure your iPod Touch

Exclusions and Restrictions

It doesn’t matter what type of insurance you purchase, all policies have exclusions and restrictions. There is no way around this.

Make certain you understand what would be grounds to exclude your lost, damaged or stolen iPod Touch from cover before you purchase a policy. For example, if you are trying to claim theft, a police report must be filed within a certain timeframe.

Also, there are restrictions in regards to the SIM card being in the phone when it was stolen. A reputable insurance company will have this information available online for you to read through before expecting you to purchase cover.

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Typical Cost of Basic Cover

Whilst prices will vary from insurance provider to insurance provider, iPod Touch insurance typically costs around £2 per month, give or take a few pence. Optional cover such as loss will add an extra £1 for each option, but that is pretty standard with any type of policy.

A good example of iPod Touch insurance within this range is a policy offered by Protect Your Bubble which is a division of Assurant Direct Ltd. Their basic iPod Touch policy costs £2.19 per month with the optional loss cover costing £1.

Free Perks to Look for in iPod Touch Insurance

One of the most popular perks which consumers are appreciative of is the TagBak service that would generally cost £12.95 a year. In the event that your iPod Touch is lost, a confidential reward is given to the party returning your phone. This benefit is unique to Assurant Direct but other companies may have similar offers. When you receive your policy by post you will get a tag to stick on the back of your gadget to track your phone back to you as it is returned. This is a free perk provided for Protect Your Bubble policy holders.

If you are shopping around for an iPod Touch insurance policy and cost is an issue, look for one that will provide ‘freebies’ like the above mentioned TagBak. Some companies like Protect Your Bubble will also give you a free month for purchasing the cover. It may not seem like a lot, but in these trying economic times, every bit helps. As a final note, make sure to check out what the excess will be on any policy you intend to buy. If the excess is worth more than the gadget, it isn’t worth the cost.

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