How to Insure your iPod

How to Insure your iPod?

There was a time when having an iPod was something that was trendy amongst teenagers and the younger crowd. However, in recent years iPods and mp3 players can be seen with virtually anyone between 6 and 60, and either side of that as well.

Unfortunately, like most other technologically innovative gadgets, iPods are not cheap. This is why we are attempting to answer your questions on how to insure your iPod against theft, loss and damage as well as helping you to understand what costs are involved.

Comparative Costs Involved in Different Types of Policies

When looking at the cost of iPod insurance, be aware of the fact that most policies have a certain amount of excess which you will be responsible for paying in the event of loss or damage. Before buying the cheapest policy, take into consideration how much excess you will need to pay upfront out of pocket in the event that you will need an entire new gadget.

Secondly, multi-gadget policies are cheaper than stand alone iPod p

Another thing to know is that most contents insurance does not cover the complete amount of your iPod if it is stolen or damaged in your home or auto.

As well, most insurance will charge about £1 per month for loss. Usually theft and damage are on the standard policy but loss is extra.

How to Insure your iPod

What Is the Best iPod Insurance Company?

There are a number of insurance companies on the market that carry iPod insurance, some better than others.

The best way to determine which the best iPod insurance company is would be to take the time to browse the internet and really take the time to look at what they have to offer.

Don’t forget to look at any excess each company may expect you to pay before covering replacement or repair costs.

Also, keep in mind that cost should not be the ultimate deciding factor. It is extremely important to look at the company’s rating with consumer groups and to read through some customer reviews before deciding on that particular company.

In this life everything is not always as it seems and there are tons of fly-by-night fraudulent companies out there that will think nothing of taking your money but will not honour claims as you submit them.

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Our Recommendations

Taking into consideration that insurance is meant to be protection against loss, partial or full, it is important to have peace of mind and security in case you should need to file a claim against your policy. Check to make sure that the company you choose to insure your iPod with is registered with the Financial Services Authority and that they are licensed to do business in the UK.

A company that meets all of these criteria would be one such as Protect Your Bubble, an affiliate of Assurant Direct Ltd that is registered with the FSA and has a history of ethically honouring claims. It doesn’t matter if you pay £1 or £10 a month, if your claim won’t be honoured you have thrown your money away.

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